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Our Covid-19 measures

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Dear Guest,


Following the Covid-19 health crisis, here are the measures we have decided to put in place in our hotel to welcome you in complete safety:


At the reception:

- Mandatory wearing of masks for all our staff

- Mandatory wearing of masks for our guests

- Respect of 1 meter between each person

- Installation of a plexiglass plate on the desk to contain the risks of contamination

- Provision of a bottle of hydroalcoholic solution for customers and a bottle for receptionists

- Removal of pens, sweets, flyers, newspapers, and magazines from the reception area

- Disinfection of door handles, doorbells, TPEs and keys between each customer visit

- Airing of common areas every hour

- Payment on arrival and invoices sent by e-mail, unless specifically requested

- A key box has been placed at the reception desk for guests to leave their keys when they leave (disinfected between each guest)

- Our lift is limited to one person per trip



Given the evolution of the current health situation, the all-you-can-eat buffet has been put back in place, here is our new organization:

- The Covid 19 Passport is mandatory to access our breakfast room. You will be asked for it upon arrival.

- Wearing a mask is compulsory in the breakfast area.

- Mandatory hand disinfection.

- Serving utensils available per table.

- Service of unpackaged products on request.


For the room:

- All paper supports, welcome booklet has been removed

- Our decorative items (bed throws, decorative cushions, etc.) have been removed

- Extra blankets have been removed but are available on request

- Air conditioning: we recommend that you turn off the air flow or direct the air flow towards the ceiling

- On departure of the guest: we ask each guest to open the window before departure (and to turn off the air conditioning/heating) in order to ventilate the room as much as possible before the floor staff comes


The entire team of the Hotel La Résidence